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Running Wild — Under Jolly Rojer (1987)

Rock'n'Rolf - vocals, guitar
Majk Moti - guitar
Stephan Boriss - bass
Hasche - drums

Running Wild. Under Jolly Rojer (1987). Фото 1 Running Wild. Under Jolly Rojer (1987). Фото 2

Послушать демо (Under Jolly Rojer)


Weigh anchor, hoist the sails
Cruisin' for booty on watery trails
No exploiter we see can still sail on
Our cannons fire till his ship goes down

Fly our flag, we teach them fear
Capture them, the end is near
Firing guns they shell burn
Surrender or fight there's no return
Under Jolly Roger

Venerable scoundrels, no blood on our hands
Our engagement are tough, but only for defence
Carefully we sail around the reefs
To force those die-hards to their knees

Coming through the waves to free all the captives
Boarding the vessels we know all the tactics
We're the menace, the curse of the sea
We pulverize the men'o'war pay or flee




Blood, blood, bloody night
The poor stand up and fight
Marquises, kings and all this vermin
Hunted up in burning streets
Fight, fight, fight with rage
Their menials are locked up in cage
The spirit of the rebel lives
Determined to break free

We stand up to break our chains
Rulers beware
We'll give you suffer and pain
On beggar's night
Riot terminates our pain
We'll catch you in your air
You have to pay for your blame
On beggar's night

Sin, sin, whip and chain
That's the way they lived and reigned
Too many people died in their dungeon
Now pain's too hard if it's for their profit
Beast, beast, go away
No reason why you have to stay
The wealth you squeezed out of our lives
Will become your tomb




Since then he heard about the chest
He's so wild he can't get no rest
A million diamonds blinding his eyes
Brighter than fire but colder than ice
Sweat on his brow, greed burns his mind
Hands like claws his teeth always grind
Soaked by sweat he wakes up and screams
"Oh, no, it was only a dream"

Diamonds, diamonds
Diamonds of the black chest

Years and years he sought that chest
He runs most every risk the man's obsessed
For too many years he's roamed all the lands
To feel the diamonds in his hands
He find the hallow spot, breaking its lock
He opens the gate which is carved of rock
Finding the chest he exults and screams
"Oh, yeah, it's no dream"

He holds out his hands and he touches the chest
He breaks its seals, he disturbs its rest
Curious and slow he opens the lid
He stares over the edge, what he sees he can't grip
No diamonds but he sees own face
A possessed wreck with an empty gaze
Thrilled by madness he's dying in pain
"No dream, he's insane"




Warriors of the street
Wanna beat their enemies
The shark's broke the truce
Tonight's the night, who'll win who'll lose
This is not your turf
Unarmed you just die first
Ruthless they fight their fight
To defend their walls feeds their pride

Senseless massacre tonight
Kid kills kid in this riot
The rulers don't want to care
Deaf and blind hiding in their lair
War in the gutter, hoy!

Watch out!

Angel shotgun
You have to fight or run
The leads tight tonight
Who knows who's wrong, who's right
Shining blade, a yell
Running blood, a lad fell
He's so surprised
He dies in a gutter another wasted life




Friday night, dressed to kill, hell bent for the show
Shiny leather like a second skin, ready for their first row
You want to go meet your pals, but your dad won't let you go
He's to tally blind, babbling wild, and he rages and he blows

"I don't want you boy to live my house this way!
Your awful friends are gonna lead you astray
You better work for school don't join this fucking show
I won't let you go! "

Come on kids unite and let us feel the flame of rage
Together we are strong so let's tear up this golden cage
We shall overcome repression and their stranding strings
The shackles have to fall and we will be metallian kings
Raise your fist

Monday morning, ringing school-bell, homework isn't done
Teacher's gonna break your balls, don't expect no fun
The jailor's wild and furious, classmates deride you
The wrath is overwhelming you, can't stand this fucking crew!

"I don't want you scums let me get away from here
I don't want to be a cogwheel in your gear
I'm not a marionette in your boring puppet show
So let me go! "

Come on kids unite and let us feel the flame of rage
Together we are strong so let's tear up this golden cage
We shall overcome repression and their stranding strings
The shackles have to fall and we will be metallian kings
Raise your fist




In 1987 they build a new machine
To conquer our future, to face things never seen
Curious of new weapons with more power to destroy
Ready for the wars with their exciting dangerous toy

Flickering lights in the dark indicating ignition
Energy runs through the circuits to start the transmission

Land of ice

In 1999 they find their destination
But reality on the screens destroys their fascination
Ruins and debris neither life nor the spore
A desert of ice with all the signs of nuclear war

Only the wind is breaking the threatening silence
Sensors show no human beings are living here now

But there are shadows moving around the vessel more and more
Disfigured creatures gathering, scratching claws on the door
The choir of the damned built of thousands of rough throats
"You are the humans of the past, who blasted our hopes"

May you come to see desolate world you created
Now you can take back a message to spread in your time
Tell'em what happens if they will continue this madness
Stop building bombs which are able to change the world
Into the land of ice




Racing through the night
Pounding engine's roar
There's nothing that's like this
I'm burning to the core
Exhaust hangs in the air
Wind pressure thrusts my face
I love to ride and dare
Tonight I'm being chased

Riding hard, riding fast
Full speed ahead, hear my engine's blast
Spinning wheels roll down the road
I'm a bundle of power, see my rims glow
Raw ride

On burning wheels tonight

Shooting through the dark
Taking bend after bend
Pistons are pumping hard
I'm gonna ride to the end
Twilight's coming slow
Like a jackal on attack
But I know I have to go
To go on and show my back

On burning wheels tonight

I have to break free, to live on my own way tonight
I don't give a goddamn, what you want to force upon me
Fuck you!




The fruits of the earth are dried up in the sun
The children can't cry anymore
Desperate parents with lean empty hands
Their bodies are too weak, too sore
Fat bottomed breathers keep talking about hunger
And don't even know what it means
Under the cloak of pain charity
They feather their nest with your dreams

Cry for innocent children who die
An indignified death, it's a shame
Political power's more important than life
Let's stop this merciless game

Superfluous victuals piled up to the edge
The stocks are filled up to the sky
Millions of dollars for storage each year
And a nickel for people to die
We can't deny it's a shame for our race
It's about time to begin
With a fight against poverty, distress and pain
To hesitate now is a sin



Produced by Dirk Steffens
Co-produced by Rock'n'Rolf
Recorded & mixed at Soundhouse Studio

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