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Running Wild — Death Or Glory (1989)

Iain Finlay – ударные
Jens Becker – бас
Rock'n'Rolf – вокал, гитара
Majk Moti – гитара

Running Wild. Death or Glory (1989). Фото 1 Running Wild. Death or Glory (1989). Фото 2 Running Wild. Death or Glory (1989). Фото 3 Running Wild. Death or Glory (1989). Фото 4 Running Wild. Death or Glory (1989). Фото 5 Running Wild. Death or Glory (1989). Фото 6

Послушать демо (Death or glory)


Breaking the waves,
A ride on the wild raging sea
Playing with fortune,
Oh, what a lust to be free
Flashing and thunder,
The prattering rain on the hull

From a stormy horizon
We get our course, the cry of freedom
Face in the wind,
We're riding the storm
We'll stay our course
Whatever will come
Wandering souls in the sea of damned
Death or glory, we're riding the storm

Cracks in the planks, the riding moves
Upwards and straggering masts
The pounding splash of the prow
The wind in our sails
Our flag flies high on the top




Living fast – you take it day by day
One last chance – to throw it all away
Mistrust it all you see in a world
Of hate, do you know the rason why –
But way too late

In this heart he knows
That he won't fall
But on the streets they're playing
Winner takes it all
One on one he's renegade
Could tell his time coming
Crushing ace of life
One by one he will win again
Make no mistake this time
He's renegade

Restless night you wanna watch
The dragon burn, lives for knives
Are you ever gonna learn
Do you really wanna know
If the needle ever lies
But you just don't believe –
It's the devil in disguise




Cries – for one lost nation
reaching out against the wall
Lies – to a generation
feeling minds that would not fall
Danger for the free
As they reach for the sky
I should be laughing now
But it's death in disguise
Pain – that sees no borders
– empty lies alone to feel
Insane – but who's to help us
– evil from the boot of steel
Does not hurt to flee
Pride when you die
Should I be crying now
Their deeds are full of lies




The holy sword of life
Is burning through the lands
Wizards and witches
Their torture never ends
Religious madness
Creates this hell on Earth
The "holy" inquisition
Is spreading it's curse

Murder, lies and slanders
'Cause they want to rule
Madmen and fools
They left a sea of running blood

Hundreds of pyres
Are burning in the night
Caluminated victims of
"Inquisition's" strike
Pray for the tortured
Tears for their pain
Misanthropic blindness
A dog without a chain






(вечная борьба)


Fire, fore and aft
Man the boats and put to the sea
Crashing yardarms – cries of pain
I will to live – a chance to flee
Panic on the boats to save
Sticken hands the first on board
Learning to eternal grave
Dragging down that they could hoard
Thirty days and nights I have seen
The brink of death
Troubled seas – my only friend
Drag me down – gasping for breath
Cursing eternal black
Bloodied by the dogs of war
Memories come clawing back
Treasured friend – they sight no more

Eternal cruise
I feel the fires of madness
Burning holes into my wounds
This hell on Earth
I feel the power of sadness
No way out – I'm marooned

Lonely this hell on Earth
Demons screaming in my mind
Wading through debries of life
A thousand souls their graves to find
Flotsam with death on board
Bodies ripped until the bone
Nothing but the sounds of time
No sign of life – am I alone?

Eternal curse
Could I really be stranded
Start to count thousand moons
This hell on Earth
To me the gods have handed
No way out – I'm marooned




Fifty years ago with the world at war
Hands bloodied – debastated
Better believe they're back for more
Pounding the world with a fist of steel
Jack booted, heavy-handed
Careless of the pain we feel

Bastards throwing life away
Killers – alive today

Oh, oh, oh, oh, don't tell no lies
I see through your eyes
You're bad to the bone
Oh, oh, oh, oh, don't tell no lies
You can't hear the cries
'Cause you're bad to the bone

Times have changed but he don't know
Zoot suit, black lie
Careless that the lies are low
One for all and all for one
Talking smooth – hidden truth
Time bomb ticking just begun

Standing alone for the world to see
Non – starter – push harder
He still believes his time will come
Small wonder – old thunder
Can't he see that he is wrong




Man or boy – we'll fight all as one
Bending the rules –
It's the call of the mind
Last resort – to be shot down in pain
Playing your very last card

Hoist up the mainbrace
And fasten the sail
Crowsnest is coming for shore
Ready the rum
That is stored in the hold
Bringing that we need and more

Where the steels have no name
Where the devils in all men
If you knew that was a slain
Die or flee in Tortuga Bay

Fight to death – games that men play
Flashing of steel
And the clash of the sword
Last breath – the kill of the day
Probing what all men must fear

Live in stealth – cover your track
Enemies scuttled but who needs to see
No escape knife in your back
Probing what all men must fear




Reach for the rifle – go for the gun
Saddle the beast huge load to heave
Unstopped bullerance now begun
Cry for the slaughter who would believe
Hunting the red one
Blood on their breath
Searching horizons for clues of the kill
Blowing their own horn –
Stinking or death

Tally ho.

Touch of the tail but what to expect
Don't dog believe why to die for the queen
Lies to the alliance – wrath with respect
Blood hounds of Hades – heeding the scream

Pounding of the hooves
They can't control

Mud flying high as shit hits the fan
Break for the border –
The thrill of it all tally ho.

Clawing the reign
Of a world mad treason
Breaking the chains
Death or glory – pride of pain
Breaking down
The rules of greed and gain
Hunter's hounds
In the hand of the hunted
Death or glory
Death or glory

Death or glory – pride of pain
Death or glory




June the 18th 1815,
The battle at "Belle – Alliance"
Marchy fields and pouring rain
All the blood and cannon's fire
Cuirassier attack
British grenadiers stand tight
Wellington's command
"Bluecher or the night"
But no Prussian in sight

The battle of Waterloo
A sea of blood that stains
The battle of Waterloo
Lead and steel the bloody goods
The battle of Waterloo
They fight and die fall one by one
The battle of Waterloo
A tribute to the bloody death

Fight, fight – you have to stand unite
Kill, kill – come on and have your thrill
Bleed, bleed – your blood flows on the field
Die, die – but nobody will ever cry for you

The French guard marches on and on
Straight towards the British lines
Bluecher's Prussian join the fight
Storming the fire side
The French guards fall one by one
But Napoleon has gone
Do you know who's paying the cost?
The little soldier, he is lost




Out in the park where they gather in the dark
It's a scaring atmosphere
Wide open eyes which are following the sign
It is soiled with blood and fear

One by one they are casting the unholy spell
A promise of murder - a present from hell

Danger for the free - like you hanging on a tree
Law and order is their goal
Shadows are behind you - run and take good care
They will snatch you if you fall

See them marching - hear them screaming
See them marching - them screaming
Never we'll follow their way

March on - straight to hell
With the signs of death in hand
March on - scream and yell
You are bound for a wasted land

One after one they prepare for the run
Latest catchword is to choose
Face to face in an awful race
The pack of hounds is loose

Mortis comes with his loudest boots - beware
A massage of yesterdays horror - take care

Wrath in their mind - there's no reason to find
They will never comprehend
Time is too late for a world to create
That is worth it to defend

See them marching - hear them screaming
See them marching - hear them screaming
Never we'll follow their way

March on - straight to hell
With the signs of death in hand
March on - scream and yell
You are bound for a wasted land

One by one they are casting the unholy spell
A promise of murder - a present from hell

March on - straight to hell
With the signs of death in hand
March on - scream and yell
You are bound for a wasted land
(repeat till end)



Produced by Rock'n'Rolf
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Jan Nemec at Studio M. July / August "89
Photos by Martin Becker
Cover-painting by Sebastian Kruger
Cover-concept by Running Wild
1999 Modern Music Records GmbH

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