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Twisted Sister — Under The Blade (1982)

Dee Snider – лидер- и бэк-вокал
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza – бас, бэк-гроулинг
A.J. Pero – ударные и перкуссия
Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda – лидер- и ритм-гитары
Jay Jay French – лидер- и ритм-гитары

Twisted Sister. Under The Blade (1982) Фото 1 Twisted Sister. Under The Blade (1982) Фото 1

Послушать демо (Under the blade)


Good evening!
Welcome to our show
If you've got that problem
Well i think that you should know
This ain't the same old story
Or the same old song and dance
Don't speak of the faded glory
Or you won't get a second chance
I want to tell you something
I'm someone you can trust
You better take a good hard look
Cause there's a diamond in this dust
Hit it!
We're no overnight sensation
No cinderella fantasy
Please no plaudits or ovations
I've heard it all before you see

What you don't know sure can hurt you
What you can't see makes you scream
What you don' know sure can hurt you
What you don't have is what you dream

Ain't we a pretty picture?
Ain't we a load of fun?
Don't let me influence you
I'll do that when we're done
Oh, are we irritating?
Oh, are we grating on your nerves?
Don't you know that the good boys
Never get what they deserve

Your brain is filled with questions
You don' know how or why
Don't look to me for answers, honey
Cause i don't want to lie

How'd you like it so far
Say ain't we quite a show?
There's no one else quite like us
The others all get up and go
Don't fill my head with stories
You see i ain't no debutante
Let's get to the nitty gritty
Now you give me what i want




All right!
So we look kind of weird to you
Well how do you look to me?
How cool you sit there, and sneer all through
The night don't you like what you see?
What are you thinking?
What will you do?
When you get your chance to display
All the hang ups inside of you
Well, we don't care what you say

We're the bad boys of rock and roll
Mad boys out of control
Bad boys of rock and roll
How bad can a bad boy be if he sets you free?

So you say we're offending you
What's wrong is it something we said?
Look at you squirm
Hey, you're sweating too
At least now i know you ain't dead
You're always trying to be so hard
Tearing down all that we do
We're just having a good time
So let down your guard
We'll prove to you it ain't true

Now us boys are annoying too
Well we're sorry to be in your way
You can't stand anything we do
Well what would you like us to say?
We just want to enjoy our lives
And have fun with all that we do
Still you poison the good things
With all of your lies
Well, we're sick of listening to you




He wakes up in the mornin'
And he looks into the glass
His face it reminds him
Of the long nights that have passed
And he wonders
If she wonders
That he wonders
About her
Well darlin'
You'd better run for your life

Girl you played with my head
You destroyed my mind
Now i'd be better off dead
You'd better
Run for your life

Through abused intentions
You misused my trust
Now's the time for redemption
You'd better
Run for your life

Girl, my life's in ruins
Pay 'the tab of pain'
Now, i'm after you and
You'd better
Run for your life
Run for your life
Run for your life
Run for your life




So, you don't realize exactly what you do
And though you never compromise
It's all been up to you
The lie you've been leading
Has you up to here in sin
You never like to think about it
Now you just can't win

You're committing
Sin after sin
Can't you feel it
Sin after sin
It's so real it's
Sin after sin
Just look around you
Sin after sin
Satan's found you

Thought yourself respectable
But deep inside you know
You've violated all the rules
And never let it show
Figuring you had time
To straighten out the lie you lead
You didn't stop to notice
As your soul began to bleed

From committing
Sin after sin
Can't you see now
Sin after sin
You ain't free now
Sin after sin
You're committed to damnation
Sin after sin
Lest you repent there's no salvation

He's manipulating, salivating
Promising only lies
First he'll confuse you
Then abuse you
And he's ever on the rise
You've got to realize
It is he who tolls the bell
You must open up your eyes
Before you're burning deep in hell




She looks so fine
Like champagne or wine
No one ever gets her
Oh ain't she cool
Plays us for fools
If we want to let her
Across the room she sees some buffoon
Blown away by her style
She goes out of her way so that she can play
And make him beg for a little while

She's gonna

Shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down
Shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down
Shoot 'em down to the ground

Like caviar
Or fine foreign car
He's a motivator
Dressed to the t's
They're down on their knees
He's a master baiter
He'll make 'm crawl for the hell of it all
He likes to see 'em cry
And then just for fun he'll say she's the one
And then he'll make her die

He's gonna

They don't care about feelings
They were meant to be stepped on
And while one is healing
They go and step on another one

Now these people prey
On us every day
Some are bad, some badder
They think we're fools
So they make their own rules
It only gets us madder
Well they think they're hot
Well i say they're not
They shoot us down for fun
If they wanna play
Then let's make 'em pay
Shoot them down with a fuckin' gun

We gotta




He spent his life
A silent sentinel
For all to fear
He walks, he talks, he thinks, he feels
But no one dare go near
He takes in all he sees
Nothing escapes his gaze
And when he strikes
He strikes for right
A glorious sight

Destroyer, destroyer, destroyer
He's in town

He came to be
From a grand mistake
A mystical charade
Created to decide the good
And bring repercussive aid
As awareness filled his fame
He examined those who leered
Then he cleaved the air
With his fiery stare
Rend all those there

A day will come
You'll be drawn into
The center of your town
And come upon a mass of steel
That cracks the very ground
Prepare to meet your judge
Don't think to run away
Just pray your face
Holds no disgrace
For the deadly ace




A glint of steel
A flash of light
You know you're not going home tonight
Be it jack or switch
Doctor's or mind
Nowhere to run, everywhere you'll find
You can't escape
From the bed you've made
When you're time has come,
You'll accept the blade

You're cornered in the alley way
You know you're all alone
You know it's gonna end this way
The chill goes to the bone
Now here it comes that glistening light
It goes into your side
The blackness comes
Tonight's the night
The blade is gonna ride

Cause you're under the blade
You're under the blade

It's not another party head
This time you cannot rise
Your hands are tied, your legs are strapped
A light shines in your eyes
You faintly see a razor's edge
You open your mouth to cry
You know you can't
It's over now
The blade is gonna ride

You've tried to make it to the front
You're pinned against the side
A monster stands before you now
Its mouth is open wide
The lights go on, the night explodes
It tears into your mind
When the night does end, you'll come again
The blade is gonna ride




There ain't no way i'm gonna wait for saturday night
I've worked all day, i've slaved away
I gotta set it right
Gonna hit the streets, cruise around
Gotta find some action
Ain't gonna stop until i drop
Or get some satisfaction

Gonna tear it, gonna tear it loose
Gonna shout it from the roof
Blast my way into the night
I'm gonna live my dream
Shout and scream!
Tear it loose
Tear it loose
Tear it loose
Tear it loose
Tear it loose
Tear it loose
Tear it loose
Tear it loose

I've been brutalized, computerized
Punched in and punched out
Now here comes the night and it just ain't right
To be shut in or shut out
So i'm breaking down the barricades
Gonna slow the hands of time
Cause to waste away the rest of the day
Is such a fucking crime

I'll keep grabbin' hold of all the gold
In this old world of trash
Long as there's a light breakin' through the night
I'm never gonna crash
And if i'm down and out one day
I won't throw in the deuce
I'll just kick it out, thrash about
'till i tear it loose




They say:
Hey whadaya doin' with your life
Why don'tcha settle down
And find yourself a wife
Don't you know you can't run away from here
When will you act your age
Why don't you listen dear

I say:
I'll never grow up
I'll never grow up
I'll never grow up now

They say:
When will you go to school
Why don'tcha get a job
Hey girl you better shape up
You're lookin' like a slob
You think that life's a free ride
Well, take a tip from me
We're gonna end your party
With some responsibility

I can't believe you can't hear what you're saying
Take a good look at yourself
Why don'tcha listen to the music we're playing
Go pick on somebody else

They say:
You better stop your dreamin'
You're going nowhere fast
What if we throw you out
How long you think you'll last
You think that life's a free ride
Well take a tip from me
We're gonna end your party
With some responsibility




A time is comin'
Just 'round the corner
We don't have very long too
When we'll be stronger
Our days will be longer
It's comin' soon might even be tomorrow
Can't you feel the power
All around and deep inside
Our numbers growin'
Soon we'll be showin'
We've got the right to rule
We won't be denied

The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker
The day of the rock-rock-rock-rocker

Your time is comin'
So you be ready
To show the world to rock 'n' roll
We'll show them feelin'
Send them reelin'
They'll know we've got the music in our control
We'll be in our glory
We'll stand tall ruling over the land
We'll live forever
And then we'll never
Give up the power once it's in our hands



Special Thanks to Fast Eddi Clark and our parents - if they didn't we couldn't
Management Assistants - Joe Gerber & Pam Rousskis
Legal Representation - Clayton Knowles

Executive Producer - PETE WAY
Produced by - PETE WAY assisted by MARK MENDOZA and DEE SNIDER
Basic tracks recorded at - THE BARN at Kitchenham Farm Ashburnham England with the RAK Mobile
Overdubs recorded at - I.C.C Studios Eastbourne England Maison Rouge
London England and a srudio somewhere near Battle England
(were no courtesies are extended)

London England Engineered by Will "American Yeah" Gosling, Crag "Happy" Thomson, Dave Boscombe and Mark Mendoza
Cover concept and photographs - Fin Costello
Costume and make up design - Suzette Guilot-Snider

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